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The relationship of the Cretans with wine is lost in the depths of time. The first traces of winemaking are detected in the Minoan era, whereas during the Venetian rule of Crete the famous Cretan wines were exported everywhere in Europe.
Now, in the undulating hills of Heraklion, the temperate climate of the region, the summer meltemi winds and the mild winters continue to create ideal conditions for vine cultivation.
Local varieties which thrive since thousands of years are perfectly combined with international varieties which have been cultivated recently and perfectly adapted to the Cretan environment. Due to the knowledge and skill of the contemporary winemakers, the Cretan wines have acquired a distinct identity due to their historic, local and qualitative characteristics.


Vine growing and winemaking are a family affair for most of Heraklion’s wine factories. Regardless of whether they are the first, the second or the third generation of winemakers, these people are attached to their land and they honor its winemaking history. They exploit the region’s favorable, temperate climate, and they invest in and promote the local varieties. At the same time, they experiment and combine them with international varieties, which have adapted to the climate of the region and offer wines which are renowned in Greece and abroad.

Moschato Spinas is a white early variety with a characteristic aroma. Moschato, one of the oldest varieties in Greece, is cultivated everywhere the country

Mantilari is one of the oldest Greek varieties, native to the Cretan vineyard, polyclonal, which exists in almost all the wine-growing regions of Greece


Kotsifali is considered as the most important red variety of the Cretan vineyard. It is mainly cultivated in central Crete and, occasionally, in the Cyclades. The main wine-growing areas of Kotsifali …


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